At Love Your Space Organizing, we are fully committed to giving your items second lives.

It’s so much easier than you think!  While there are one-stop donation centers in the community, there are so many better options for your items to have a new home. We encourage you to check first with your own church/schools/community centers for their current wish lists of items.  After an invigorating and productive organizing session, LYSO will cart off a load of your donate-able cast-offs for you and funnel them through multiple avenues.

Here’s a short quiz:

How do YOU choose to let go of your items once you’ve deemed: “DOES NOT SPARK JOY”?

  1. I literally want it all GONE.  Now.  No time to mess with it.  (DONATE ALL TO GOODWILL IN ONE CARLOAD)
  2. I want it gone, and would like it to benefit others, but I only have a certain amount of time and energy for that.  (DONATE ALL TO 1 OR 2 WORTHY ENTITIES)
  3. I want it gone from MY house, but I need to see it benefit someone else or be recycled.  (DONATE TO WORTHY ENTITIES AND LEARN TO FREECYCLE)
  4. I want it gone from my house, but I paid a lot for some of those items and I have some time and energy for selling, so I’d like to give that a go. (eBAY/CRAIGSLIST/ONLINE GARAGE SALE SITES)
  5. I have to try and sell/consign EVERYTHING even though I know that it eats my energy and time and not necessarily going to recoup that much money.   (USE A SERVICE TO SELL ITEMS/GARAGE SALES)

We all have different perspectives on re-homing our stuff, and often it’s just a matter of education about what options are out there.  That’s why we have put together a resource list to help guide you towards the funnel that works best for you!

Everyone knows what it means to donate or recycle, sell or consign, but what does it mean to FREECYCLE?!  Most common example?  Hand-me-downs!  But now using social media.  It is a great way to pass on those soccer cleats that your child just grew out of and connect with your community.  A win for you, a win for others, and a win for the environment!!!

“I want to join the freecycle revolution.”

Ways to FREEcycle:

(person-to-person donation / sharing)

Try out some of These Great Local Groups/Apps

Ways to Donate:

(Giving to Thrift Stores/Charities)

Household / Home Improvement
Car Seats
Clothing / Toys
Office Supply / Craft Items
Towels / Linens

“I’m fascinated with the growing number of ways to recycle different items.”

Ways to Recycle:

(Giving to recycling centers)

Batteries / Bulbs
3 Ring Binders
Pop Tabs
Tennis Shoes
Tennis Balls
Dried Markers
Paint Cans / Hazardous Materials
Recycling Education

“I’d like to sell and / or consign things.”

Ways to Sell / Consign:

(Turn Your Old Stuff Into Cash)

Clothing (locally In Austin)
Clothing (Online)
Children’s Items
Musical Instruments
Books / CD / DVD

Have a favorite donation place / consignment shop / recycling center that we should know about?  Please CONTACT US with any additional resources that we can add to our list.

Want To See Examples of “Give Where You Live” in Action?